After Being Accused, Bill Gates Expresses His Hope For An Effective Fight Against Corona Virus

16 سبتمبر، 2020

Bill Gates expressed his hope for an effective fight against the Corona virus and expects that many vaccines will be available by the beginning of 2021, denying the reported “conspiracy theories” that accuse him of being behind Corona.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes that a vaccine against Corona will likely get approval next month, but it will only be an emergency license. In an interview with the German magazine “Spiegel”, Gates said that there is a “very small chance” for the pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Moderna, to provide enough data by the end of next October to apply for a license for their vaccines, as stated on the website of the German magazine “Spiegel”. .

The American billionaire Bill Gates warned of conspiracy theories circulating on social networks that affected him and was a victim of it, and categorically denied them, as well as the accusations leveled against him that he was behind the emerging Corona pandemic.

“These crazy thoughts are somehow spreading on social media faster than the truth,” said the American billionaire. He added that he was “surprised” that his name appeared in these conspiracy theories, according to the German website GMX.

False press articles and fake photos were spread widely on social media and in several languages. A video clip, for example, accuses Bill Gates of “wanting to get rid of 15 percent of the population” under the guise of vaccinating them. Millions have watched this clip on YouTube.

Bill Gates has invested more than $ 20 billion in vaccines under the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation over the past decade. According to Gates, he is certain that three or four of the six companies ’vaccines: Astra Tsenica, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, and Sanofi, as well as two RNA vaccines from the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna, will receive emergency approval by 2021.

And Gates added in his interview: “Our foundation has made more money than any other group to buy vaccines to save lives.” He added that he hopes these conspiracy theories will not alienate people from a vaccine when it is found. “We are in the midst of a pandemic, and it is more important than ever to confront the facts and the truth,” he appeals to the billionaire. Gates also confirms in the interview that he wants to promote vaccinations to save lives and that he is proud that “tens of millions of people will be saved thanks to the new vaccination efforts that we are participating in.”

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