Sinjar …. the requirements of its people to return to their homes

31 مايو، 2022

Sajad Shingali

Sinjar, or in Kurdish, Shingal, this city enjoys a strategic location as it is on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and also enjoys a good and abundant land and a lofty mountain, and many nationalities and religions are concentrated in this city such as Muslims, Yazidis, Kurds, Arabs, etc….., Before the displacement, all of these components were living in peace, security and safety without discrimination or sectarianism until they were displaced from their homes due to the occupation of Sinjar by ISIS. Sinjar, by owning its majestic mountain, is considered one of the most important strategic sites and closest to Israel, as Saddam Hussein targeted Israel from Mount Sinjar. . Sinjar is called miniature Iraq because of its diverse and backward components.

There are several reasons and requirements for the majority of the people of Sinjar not returning to their areas at the present time. The failure to listen to the requirements of the people of the city by the competent authorities has caused a delay and prolongation of the period of displacement from 2014 to 2022, and the presence of the various armed forces in the area is another reason to break trust among The citizens to return, and the continuous bombing of Sinjar on its outskirts and mountains by the Turkish forces completely destabilized the situation in Sinjar and generated great fear in the hearts of the people, which made them hesitate to return, and another reason for not returning is that the Sinjars who returned to their homes and areas They suffer from a lack of necessary services such as electricity, water, etc…, The recent outbreaks that occurred between the Iraqi army and the Sinjar Protection Unit, known as Yabasha, led to a new exodus and a tremendous fear among the thinkers of return and the people that living there.

All the reasons I mentioned stand before the people of the area and caused the prolongation of the displacement period. The Iraqi government should impose the law on the area and restore security, safety, stability and sovereignty to the area by removing all illegal forces, providing services, building additional housing units, and compensating the people affected by the advent of ISIS.

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